Bokhar saze manufacturer and designer of all kinds of Steam, Hot Water, Hot Oil Boilers in Iran”

 Exports to Turkmenistan , Kazakhstan , Georgia , Armenia , Iraq , Afghanistan ,Erbil, Azerbaijan, …
Bokharsazeh Company, a reputable manufacturer and designer of all kinds of Steam, Hot Water, Hot Oil Boilers, and other thermal equipments needed throughout the country, has obtained trust and confidence of the professionals, due to diversity and quality of its productions. Bokharsazeh having obtained required justifications from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and various certifications of obligatory standard mark application in the context of boiler and pressure vessel production, observing correct engineering principles, using of skilled and experienced executive staff and modern industrial equipments, designs and produces various kinds of hot water steel boilers, warm water steel boilers, steam boilers, hot oil boilers and pressure vessels such as deaerator, sand filter, water softener, tank heater and etc.
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