Water softener


High water hardener may cause sediments in boilers, heat exchangers, and other equipments. Tackling the sediment issue is of great importance in achieving higher efficiency. The most common way to remove hardener from water is applying resin water softener system.

Resin water softener system operates on the basis of ionic exchange process by cation exchange resins. In the presence of hard water, sodium ions of resins replace for sedimentary ions such as calcium and magnesium present in water. So that due to removing of salts tendency to sedimentation disappear.

The main tank of Bokharsazeh water softener is made of ST37 sheet. After wiping rusts of all surfaces, inner surfaces are covered by 3 layers of epoxy paint and external surface covered by rust proof and oil paint. Bokharsazeh water softeners are designed according to customer order and hardness of the injected water to the system, and produced under supervision of Company’s experts.