Horizontal Steam Boiler

Technical Specifications Horizontal Steam Boiler

Steam Output (Kcal/hr) 100.000 -150.000
capacity (kw) 140 - 6976
Pressure ( Bar) 6 - 10
Fuel Type gaz، Diesel، Dual
Warranty 2 years
After-sales service 10 years
Horizontal Steam Boiler



Horizontal Steam Boiler

  • Bokharsazeh steam boilers are designed and produced on the basis of International Standard B. S 2790 and National Standard No. 4231.
  • These boilers are available in horizontal, firetube, wetback 3 pass models with high efficiency and low fuel consumption, also are applicable by different fuels (gas, gasoil, mazot, dual, triple).
  • The body, furnace, reverse tank, tube sheets are made of DIN171755-17mn4 fire corrosive steel sheets.
  • Heat tubes are made of DIN17175-St35-8 fire corrosive seamless steel with quality certification (of chemical analyze and mechanical test).
  • Submerged arc welding, the common welding process In the Company’s production process, is according to EN288 International Standard, confirmed by Standard Office, and done by certified welders and tested by VT and UT tests, to assure quality and accuracy.
  • Electrodes used for diffusion and finishing pass welding are E6010 and E7018.
  • All of the welding lines which are under pressure are tested by Nondestructive tests (RT, UT, MT) and Hydrostatic test under a pressure 1.5 times more than the design pressure, which is done according to International Standards and along with technical supervision of Standard Office.
  • The bodies of the boilers are insulated by stone wool which has 100 mm thickness and 80 kg/m3 density, and covered by stainless steel.
  • Flanges are all PN16.
  • To decrease fuel and energy consumption, possibility of use of turbulator in heat transfer tubes and installation of economizer are provided.
  • To visit inside the high capacity boilers, manholes are provided.

All of Bokharsazeh steam boilers receive Iranian Standard Plaque.