Galvanized Consumption Warm Water Boiler

Technical Specifications Galvanized Consumption Warm Water Boiler

Steam Output (Kcal/hr) 200 -10.000
capacity (kw) 140- 6976
Pressure ( Bar) 6-10
Fuel Type gaz، Diesel، Dual
Warranty 2 years
After-sales service 10 years

Galvanized Consumption Warm Water BoilerGalvanized Consumption Warm Water Boiler

  • Bokharsazeh consumption warm water boiler has new design to access great and hygienic warm water with no use of coil tank and heat exchanger.
  • Galvanized consumption warm water boilers are available in firetube, wetback, 3 pass, 2 pass models and in wide range of capacities from 100.000 kcal/hr to 3.000.000 kcal/hr and of pressures.
  • The inner side of the machine which includes pipes, shell and plates galvanized through hot plating with 160 micron thickness.
  • Direct warm water boilers are suitable and economical for places with high hygienic warm water consumption such as hotels, training garrisons, dormitories, factories, industrial kitchens, swimming pools, and residential complexes.

Advantages Galvanized Warm Water Boilers

  • Due to direct heat exchange and high heat transfer, in this kind of boiler fuel consumption decreases over 40%.
  • Due to separation of warm water production system from heating system, heating system and equipments are active during winter; result in less depreciation of thermal systems.
  • Elimination of coil tank, heat exchanger, piping and powerhouse result in cost reduction.