Technical Specifications Deaerator

Steam Output (Kcal/hr) 55.000 -120.000
Fuel Type gaz، Diesel، Dual
Warranty 2 years
After-sales service 10 years

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+98 9151678840


Corrosion inside steam boilers and piping system could be due to the air and corrosive gases mixture in feeding water inside the boiler. To decrease the destructive effect of corrosion and system protection, we use deaerator.

Bokharsazeh apply LNG Deaerator to separate non-liquefiable gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) from feeding water of steam boiler and corrosion prevention and lengthening the machine life time.

  • This product is equipped with control systems such as automatic valves, water level controller, control level, water and steam electrical valves, to assure high efficiency and adequate performance.
  • Bokharsazeh Deaerators are designed according to customer’s order and supervised continuously and frequently along the production process by Quality Control and Production Units experts to assure the accuracy of this product.

All of Bokharsazeh steam boilers receive Iranian Standard Plaque.