Tank Heating

Technical Specifications Tank Heating

capacity (Lit) 3.000 -10.000
(2 Heating Surface (ft 5
Fuel Type gaz، Diesel، Dual
Warranty 2 years
After-sales service 10 years

Tank HeatingTank Heating

  • The optimal method to produce and store hygienic warm water is applying tank heaters.
  • Bokharsazeh tank heaters are available in vertical model, according to ASEM standard, and on the basis of different pressure levels.
  • The machine is made of galvanized sheets.
  • The machine coil is made of copper U-pipes which are desirable and standardized.
  • Welding is done by special electrodes for pressure tanks 6010 & 7018 via Dc welding machine and under Co2 gas.
  • The main tank is tested by a pressure 1.5 times more than the design pressure.
  • To visit and inspection, the machine has a manhole on the top of the body.
  • Visit and hold gate special to coil is made of cost iron.
  • All the inner side of the tank (seam welds) are covered by 3 layers of special epoxy, according to hygienic principles, to achieve chemical resistance.
  • The machine is provided with sockets for warm water outlet, water inlet, unload and thermostat.