Oil Heater

Technical Specifications Oil Heater

Steam Output (Kcal/hr) 3.000 -2.000.000
Pressure ( Bar) 6
Temperature regulation 350 degrees at low pressure
Fuel Type gaz، Diesel، Dual
Warranty 2 years
After-sales service 10 years

Oil HeaterOil Heater

  • Bokharsazeh oil heaters are designed and produced in horizontal, 3 pass and 2 pass models.
  • Oil heater is applicable in different industries to transfer heat up to 350 centigrade degree under low pressure.
  • High thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, usable under low pressure and with different fuels (gas, gasoil, mazot, dual, triple).
  • Bokharsazeh oil heaters are available in wide range of capacities from 200.000 kcal/hr to 4.000.000 kcal/hr.
  • Parts of boiler which are under pressure are made of fire corrosive DIN17155-17mn4.
  • Heat tubes are made of DIN17175-St35-8 fire corrosive seamless steel with quality certification (of chemical analyze and mechanical test).
  • Submerged arc welding, the common welding process In the Company’s production process, is according to EN288 International Standard, confirmed by Standard Office, and done by certified welders and tested by VT and UT tests, to assure quality and accuracy.
  • Electrodes used for diffusion and finishing pass welding are E6010 and E7018.
  • All of the welding lines which are under pressure are tested by Nondestructive tests (RT, UT, MT) and Hydrostatic test under a pressure 1.5 times more than the design pressure, which is done according to International Standards and along with technical supervision of Standard Office.

Advantages Oil Heater

  • Developing high temperature in low pressure
  • No sedimentation and no coils and pipes erosion
  • No corrosion due to chemical structure of oil
  • No explosion possibility
  • No need to any special place to install and start
  • Easy to conduct and operate
  • Possibility of getting out the combustion products completely and increasing lifetime of the oil heater

Use cases

  • Bitumen industry: bitumen pool heating, asphalt, insulation, lubrication and heating of heavy oil materials in big tanks
  • Wood industry: production and drying wood sheets, neopan, MDF
  • Textile industry: painting machines heating
  • Chemical industry: autoclave and chemical reactors heating
  • Leather, cement, motor oil industries