Hot Water Boiler

Technical Specifications Hot Water Boiler

Fuel Type gaz، Diesel، Dual
Warranty 2 years
After-sales service 10 years

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Hot Water Boiler

Hot Water Boiler

Hot water boilers are boilers with the outlet water with higher temperature than the boiling water temperature under the atmospheric pressure.

  • Since increasing temperature leads to pressure increase so Bokharsazeh hot water boilers are designed and produced according to International Standard BS855 and Iranian National Standard Office and quality control agent.
  • Hot water boilers are available in horizontal, firetube, wetback, 3 pass and 2 pass models, with high efficiency and low fuel consumption, and are applicable by different fuels (gas, gasoil, mazot, dual, triple).
  • Heat tubes are made of DIN17175-St35-8 fire corrosive seamless steel with quality certification (of chemical analyze and mechanical test).

The maximum allowable heating degree for warm water boilers is 125 centigrade degree

All of Bokharsazeh steam boilers receive Iranian Standard Plaque.