Expansion Tank

Technical Specifications Expansion Tank

capacity (Liter) 1.000 - 5.000
Fuel Type gaz، Diesel، Dual
Warranty 2 years
After-sales service 10 years

Expansion TankExpansion Tank

Closed Expansion Tank is an element of heating system which is correlated to pressure systems in power house. Bokharsazeh closed expansion tanks are provided to control water volume expansion, due to temperature increase, in installation systems, operating pressure in closed expansion tanks is equal to boilers operating pressure in powerhouse. This must be especially considered in designing process.

Explain more about Expansion Tank::

What are Expansion Tanks?

Expansion tanks are required in a closed loop heating or chilled water HVAC system to absorb the expanding fluid and limit the pressure within a heating or cooling system. A properly sized tank will accommodate the expansion of the system fluid during the heating or cooling cycle without allowing the system to exceed critical pressure limits. The expansion tank uses compressed air to maintain system pressures by accepting and expelling the changing volume of water as it heats and cools.


Advantages of closed expansion tank comparing to open one

  • Reduction of heating loss due to no connection with cold environment
  • Piping reduction
  • Tolerance of pressure over 3 bar
  • No corrosion due to contact with air oxygen
  • Developing a head to increase or reduce the water velocity in pipe when boiler valves are open or closed
  • Reduce effects of water hammer

All of Bokharsazeh steam boilers receive Iranian Standard Plaque.